Discover Our Process

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do here at Perfectly Boo. 

Handmade items remain the cornerstone of our offerings, reflecting our origins in 2019. My journey began when my mother, a skilled patchworker, gifted me lots of beautiful scrap fabric. Playing around and not sure what I wanted to do with it all, I stitched lots of different pieces together and ended up with a cute and stylish hair wrap. Obsessed with wanting to create more and more I spent the weekend crafting a batch of them, enlisting family and friends as eager models. This passion quickly evolved into a business, with Perfectly Boo now bustling both online and at festivals throughout the UK.

As the business developed we now proudly collaborate with other female-owned brands to offer ethically made products. Additionally, we curate unique pieces sourced directly from manufacturers across the globe.

Our commitment to uniqueness is evident in our diverse fabric selection, ranging from new to vintage to end-of-line textiles. Each piece undergoes a transformation, as our small artisanal team in our Devon studio repurposes and reimagines them into new apparel and accessories.

Driven by our creative vision, we meticulously craft each item with care and attention to detail to ensure a flattering fit for every body type.

During the cutting process, we salvage any offset fabric, repurposing it into other accessories and we even salvage the loose cut sequins and set them with eco-resin into unique pieces for our jewellery line, creating minimal waste. Once cut, the fabric is ready to be sewn into exquisite hair accessories or garments such as kimonos.

Every item is crafted with love by individuals who are passionate about their work. Before being packed for sale, each product undergoes thorough quality inspection to ensure it meets our standards of excellence.